Forrest Grasses – Wheatgrass Tea

Forrest Grasses is fully Australian owned and operated. We sprout locally sourced grain in a customised fodder unit and process the green wheat grass to produce loose leaf Wheatgrass Tea, which is packaged on site in Beechworth, North East Victoria.

In 2014, we believe we are the only producer of loose leaf Wheatgrass Tea and are proud to introduce a caffeine and gluten free alternative to traditional beverages that has a subtle and refreshing flavour, which appeals to a wide range of tastes. Wheat grasscontains chlorophyll, which has many health benefits; some of which include detoxing the body and aiding digestion.

Our processes are environmentally friendly and we strive to provide health benefits to our customers by providing an excellent product and superior customer service. We have the capacity to produce Wheatgrass Tea all year round to ensure continuity of supply.

Narelle Forrest, Managing Director of Raetivagas Investments Pty Ltd, has established the Forrest Grasses brand and is producing this new and exciting product for the Australian domestic market.