Is Puma Trending In Australia

Puma has a healthy presence in Australia and the brand has been around in this country for many years now. Though the company is up against some giants like Adidas and Nike, Puma, over the years has been able to script a success story for itself. This is because it has been able to understand the psyche, mindset and specific needs and requirements of the average Australian customers. We will try and find answers to the question whether Puma still continues to trend in Australia. There is no doubt that the shoe and other related apparel market in Australia is quite crowded. Will Puma be able to survive this cut throat competition?


Yes It Will Be


Though Puma may not be fighting for the top laurels and may not be in direct conflict with the likes of Adidas and Nike, it has been able to make a strong presence in certain areas. They have been able enter into various sports shoe segments both for men and women. This has made Pump a widely visible brand when compared to what it was a few years and decades ago. Further, they are taking steps to counter the challenges from local brands. This is being done by offering low cost models to customers who are price conscious. This is what has helped them to increase their market share apart from enabling improved visibility.


What Does The Future Say?


It is quite obvious that in spite of their best strategies and marketing plans, they will continue to be a middle-market player. They are unlikely to be in a position to challenge top names like Adidas and Nike. Having said that there is also no doubt that Puma is betting big on Australia because the country has thousands of people who are interested in various sports like Cricket, Rugby, and other demanding outdoor sports.


It will be interesting to see how the big names and also the local brands respond to the new found interest of Puma as far as Australian markets are concerned