Where to Buy Chef Knives in Australia

There are two main categories of knives according to the material used to make them. These are the stainless and carbon steel knives. A carbon knife is sharpened effortlessly and is finer than a stainless steel knife. The former rusts faster but is preferred by most professional chefs.


Here are some of the cookware stores where you can readily get yourself an ideal chef knife in Australia;



Nisbets Castle Hill Store


If you ever ponder on where to buy chef knifes in Australia, you should definitely consider this store. They offer a variety of quality chef knives in Australia. At their site, Nisbets.com, you can order online as well as get genuine advice on buying equipment.



Knife Shop Australia


This is another cookware store in Australia that only deals in knives. You can buy online at their website knifeshopaustralia.com.au or visit their store at Stafford in Brisbane to choose the best knife for you.





Everten is one of the leading online kitchen supply stores in Australia. Of all kitchenware stores, it was the first to be a Google Trusted Store in Australia. The store provides shipping services for customers and is known for its budget friendly prices.



Chef’s Armoury


This one has stores in Melbourne and Sydney with a well descriptive and clear map on their website, chefsarmoury.com. They offer free shipping services in Australia therefore ordering online would be your preferred means. If you navigate through their website you will see a variety of quality chef knives from popular brands to choose from.



House of Knives.


Purchase a quality chef knife from House of Knives store if you need fast delivery. The store’s customer reviews of kitchen equipment are compelling. You can always visit their site, houseofknives.com and order yourself a chef knife that will be a great kitchen essential.